Bradley J. Clark

Brad joined the Gurstel Law Firm P.C. in 2016 as the lead attorney in the Salt Lake City, Utah office after six
previous years in consumer collections litigation. In the first year and a half, Brad grew the monthly office
revenue by 130% and to date has grown over 400% as to monthly revenue. In December 2017, Brad was
invited to be a Director and Managing Attorney of the Arizona office while he continues to oversee and
manage operations in Utah. In the two years as the managing attorney, monthly office revenue has grown
roughly 35% and the office has enjoyed a run of fifteen consecutive months of exceeding goals. In both Utah
and Arizona, Brad has been able to implement processes and procedures, hire and train attorney and staff,
and change and create a culture and work environment that has proven to lead to the ongoing success of both

Brad is a 2007 graduate of the Seattle University School of Law and is licensed in both Utah and Arizona. He is
an active member of the Collection Sections of both the Utah and Arizona State Bar Associations as well as a
member of NCBA and attends the NCBA conference annually. Brad has participated in the creation and
implementation of legislative bills related to collection laws in both Utah and Arizona and has presented oral
arguments in front of the Arizona State House Judiciary Committee.
Gurstel Law Firm P.C. has been servicing clients and practicing law in the area of creditor’s rights and remedies
for over twenty years.

Founded in 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gurstel has expanded its practice discipline and growth to include offices in Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, Wisconsin, California, Nevada, and Wyoming.