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Commercial Debt Recovery Agency Minneapolis MN

Commercial Legal and Recovery Strategies 

Gurstel Law Firm, P.C. provides customized recovery solutions for the collection of business-to-business debt of all varieties, sizes, and volumes. From demand letters to full-fledged litigation and post-judgment collection measures, we offer a full range of legal and recovery services for commercial businesses in Minnesota, Arizona, and other coverage areas. Our team creatively and aggressively advocates on behalf of our clients to maximize recovery. We offer unconventional flexible rate structures including flat-rate contracts, contingency collections, split/blended options, and more. When invoices languish, it can become harder and harder for businesses to recoup missing cash. Our Firm delivers the efficiency, a range of services, flexible pricing, and successful results to business owners who need to pursue overdue accounts, increase revenue, and preserve relationships.

Specialized Business to Business Services

We offer specialized business-to-business commercial account recovery solutions in addition to our full-service suite of consumer collection services. Our commercial account recovery strategies may often mirror our consumer retail account recovery strategies, as many of the accounts are personally guaranteed. However, depending on the parties, jurisdictions, and details of the account, varying critical facets make this a unique specialty service. Because of this uniqueness, all business to business collection accounts at the firm are handled exclusively by a team of account representatives, attorneys, and legal assistants whose sole focus is on the business to business accounts. We advocate for our clients in navigating the associated complexities of commercial debt recovery, serving as a legal extension of the business. We take a range of measures to creatively and aggressively ensure our clients’ investments are as successful as possible. Our methodical and flexible approach allows us to tailor our services to reduce client costs while providing our clients in Minnesota, Arizona, and other coverage areas the protection they need throughout the process.

Why Choose Gurstel Law Firm P.C. 

Choosing Gurstel Law Firm, P.C. positions you at the intersection of innovation and performance. Through working with our experienced and detail-oriented team, we customize strategies and solutions to meet the specific goals of your organization and deliver an unsurpassed performance. Our dedicated commercial team is composed of lawyers, paralegals, and collectors who provide each client, whether in Minnesota, Arizona, or any other coverage area, with a level of attention that delivers the utmost transparency and keeps account performance at its peak. We are your reliable consolidation point for client services.

Collection Services

Our team is skilled and experienced in the collection cycle. We represent a variety of business owners as 1st or 3rd party representatives to achieve optimal account recovery. We aim to work cooperatively first and foremost to resolve accounts. Our approach reduces costs to our commercial clients and improves account resolution timelines, resulting in positive reputations and optimal results. When necessary, we take a sophisticated approach to pursuing legal action to ensure the recovery of our clients’ outstanding account balances. Our highly-trained representatives act with integrity and professionalism to ensure the highest levels of compliance that protect your reputation and your brand throughout the lifecycle of each account.

Outbound Collection Services

As part of our professional approach and operational stream, some accounts require outbound initiation of consumer contact. The Gurstel Law Firm, P.C. is extensively trained through initial onboarding and repeated professional development to ensure that our services meet the highest levels of compliance and accountability. We understand that effective communication is the key to successful recovery and negotiation efforts as account holders may be repeat customers or other businesses with whom our clients must maintain a positive working relationship post-recovery. Our team is highly skilled in developing positive relationships with business owners to create positive end user experiences. We have a deep understanding of the rules and regulations surrounding the Accounts Receivable Management industry and remain attentive to the changing regulatory and legal landscapes in which we operate to remain in compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, and standards of best practice.

Debt Collection Companies Minneapolis MN
Debt Recovery Services Minneapolis MN

Legal Collection Services

Our team of attorneys and paralegals have the legal and compliance expertise you require to successfully move your business accounts through the legal collection process efficiently and compliantly. Our attorneys are intricately involved and highly skilled in collection litigation and post-judgment remedies, as well as successful navigation of legal and regulatory requirements and best practices. 

Suitability Evaluation

When commercial accounts fail to respond to demand letters and other forms of outbound communication attempts, we review the account for suit-worthiness. Our strategy is data-driven using asset location and skips tracing research. Our team has a depth of expertise gained from years of successful suit strategization with a wide variety of clients across a broad spectrum of portfolio classes. We strive to minimize legal fees for our clients. Our deliberate scoring approach is highly predictive and guides our determinations. Based on our extensive experience and reliable scoring models, we provide the recommendation & allow our clients in Minnesota, Arizona, and other coverage areas to have the final word of approval before proceeding.

Suits, Settlements & Judgments

As we move through the legal process, we continue to remain open to contact. Upon being served with a Summons & Complaint, many account holders reach out to inquire about options to prevent moving forward with a judgment. We offer a variety of legally binding settlement and promissory agreement contracts to minimize legal fees should the consumer default on the agreement. Ultimately, this route is frequently successful and provides an opportunity for both account holders and business owners to reduce costs. If we do not receive communication from the consumer after the suit or the consumer defaults on the settlement agreement, we pursue judgment and legal enforcement of the judgment. 

Garnishments, Liens & Writs of Execution

Our attorneys are skilled in pursuing post-judgment enforcement for an extensive range of clients across a variety of jurisdictions. We possess the critical knowledge required to mitigate risk and navigate potential landmines, ensuring careful compliance for our commercial clients throughout the process. Our team understands the delicate and often highly nuanced nature of post-judgment enforcement actions. Our recovery services and expertise include the domestication of foreign judgments, secured transactions recovery, wage garnishments, home and property liens, and writs of execution. We offer brand protection, insightful expertise and guidance, and creative solutions to help our clients achieve account recovery in the cleanest, most precise manner possible.

Skip Tracing 

Our skip tracing tools and depth of understanding as it pertains to right-party contact location and asset research are critical to success throughout the collection process. Our professional assistance allows our clients to avoid the tangled web and opportunity loss that can easily result from a lack of reliable data. From pre-suit to suit selection to service and post-judgment enforcement, our professional skip tracing services ensure an efficient, targeted approach and consistent compliance throughout the collection process. We are committed to rigorous data security and privacy practices. Our strict adherence to robust privacy policies proactively protects both our clients and consumers in Minnesota, Arizona, and other coverage areas from a myriad of threats challenging for businesses to match without extensive forethought, investment, and legal expertise.


We offer professional legal guidance and representation for businesses experiencing debtor bankruptcy filings. Through automation and our system of record, we are notified almost immediately of debtor’s bankruptcy filing. From there, we can quickly advise our clients and closely review and monitor cases for compliance to ensure as much loss prevention as possible. We advocate vigorously for our creditor clients’ rights throughout the process and pursue appropriate routes to defend loss to our clients’ bottom lines. Legal recovery options during this process may involve filing of proofs of claim, secured collateral or liquidation options, filing of discharge objections, and more. The process is challenging but our skilled attorneys can help.

Client Support

Our team is one of the most versatile in the Accounts Receivable Management industry. With a highly experienced team of attorneys, paralegals, and representatives, our Firm can become an extension of your company to handle almost any legal or collection need. With excellent availability and quick response times, we provide the timely support our clients need for business continuity; we are the consolidation point for the services your business needs. Through our system of record, Gurstel Law Firm, P.C. provides simple ways for clients to receive dedicated status updates without having to make a request, delivering industry-leading transparency and analytics. From customized processes to collection and legal, our team can develop a strategy with seamless crossover and flexible rate structures–all across the country.

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