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Financial Resources for Consumers

Helping Consumers Achieve their Goals to Resolve Debts

Financial literacy is an important part of financial success.  The processes associated with debt, credit, budgeting, saving, and investing can be overwhelming and finding answers to questions can be confusing. To help guide you through the process of rebuilding your finances, creating a budget, and saving for the future, we have compiled a list of official government websites that offer free financial literacy information. 

Gurstel Law Firm P.C. partners with consumers during the account resolution process to find a solution that meets the needs of each individual. We encourage you to strengthen your financial literacy skills to develop a better understanding of personal finances and improve your financial future. For additional options on resolving an account with Gurstel Law Firm P.C., please visit our Payments page for more information.

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Making Payments

Gurstel Law Firm P.C. offers multiple options for making a payment and resolving an account placed with us for collections. To meet consumer preferences, we accept payments through our secure online payment portal, over the phone with representative assistance, and through the mail. For more information on these options, please visit our Payments page or click your choice in the menu below to learn more.

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Money Smart

Provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Money Smart is a program that helps adults to enhance money skills and create positive banking relationships. Using comprehensive, instructor-led modules, it helps people to learn money management skills, understand basic financial services offered by the financial mainstream, and build financial confidence to use banking services effectively.

To help all Americans make informed financial decisions, the U.S. Department of the Treasury created the Financial Literacy & Education Commission to provide financial literacy information on the MyMoney Five– Earn, Save & Invest, Protect, Spend, and Borrow– to teach fun facts about money, saving, and planning for the future. In addition, provides resources for specific individuals including researchers, teachers, educators, and youth.

A free financial literacy resource from the National Credit Union Association, provides a wealth of information that is organized by stage of life, major life events, and more. Starting with Money 101 and including information on topics such as buying a car, dealing with debt, and planning for the unexpected, this website aims to empower Americans with information to be successful in life and build a healthy financial future.

Complaint Resolution

Gurstel Law Firm, P.C. represents and advocates for our clients in accordance with the rules of professional conduct, rules of court, and federal, state and local laws.  We care about your experience while working with our law firm and we value your feedback. Please let us know if you feel you received less than professional treatment from one of our employees or if you would like to compliment one of our employees on their professionalism.  You are able to provide feedback or voice your concerns by telephone, fax, e-mail, or written submission to any of our office locations. You can also submit your feedback using the form below. We take all feedback seriously and will work promptly to address and resolve your concern.

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